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Postcards for Spiti's Ecosphere

Time :  April 2020

Medium :  Mixed Media

Keywords : Illustrated Postcards, Volunteering, Himalayas, Traditions, Local Culture  

Ecosphere is a social enterprise in the Spiti Valley of the Himalayas, that works towards creating sustainable livelihoods for the local community. With a focus on nature and culture conservation, their initiatives range from eco-travel, health and organics to renewable energy. Because of the lockdown and their need for remote volunteers, I worked with them to create illustrations that could be printed on postcards, mugs and other souvenirs for their local shop. Currently being printed on postcards to start with, these mixed media illustrations capture the essence and spirit of the local culture there. 

lama watching his gonpa at dhankhar.JPG

Image Source : spitiecosphere

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Web 1920 – 3.png
Web 1920 – 5.png
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